Accent Lighting for Bathroom Vanity

Accent Lighting for Bathroom Vanity


Just like any other lighting fixtures in other parts of our home, lighting for bathroom vanities require careful thought and consideration. Bathroom vanity lights have the main purpose of evenly illuminating our face during our self-care routine, avoiding shadows that might affect our vision. While picking the right vanity lighting may seem simple, choosing the right type, style and placement, is key to maximizing your bathroom vanity.


 Here are 5 expert tips you can follow:


Geona Wall Lamp

1. Flank your vanity mirror with wall lamps to create even lighting that make you look your best. Best to mount it on eye level or between 1.5m to 1.8 off the floor.


Annette Pendant Lamp

2. Not all bathrooms have space for wall lamps, but two side-by-side pendant lamps can achieve the same even lighting for you. Make sure you don’t overwhelm the mirror with an oversized fixture.


Donna Pendant Lamp

3. Two layered lights on one side of your vanity makes an asymmetric balance, creating an interesting aesthetic and illumination.


Orsa Chandelier

4. For bigger spaces such as Master Bathroom, placing a chandelier above the vanity will give it a luxurious feel. Pair it up with back lighting vanity mirror to get a well balance light.


Pietra Pendant Lamp

5. Matching the metal finishes of your bathroom hardware is ideal but not necessary. You may choose a finish which complements the other color pallettes of your bathroom.


Emilia Pendant Lamp

Bonus tip!

Picking the correct color temperature is essential. Choose between 2700K and 3000K which offers a perfect, flattering warm-white illumination ideal for bathroom tasks.


Remember that accent lighting is not just there for aesthetic reasons. Above all, the lights installed in your bathroom vanity should serve their purpose. Think about functionality and start from there.