Price Match


Terms and Conditions of our Price Match Policy:

The product you are comparing must meet each of the following criteria to qualify for a price match promo:

  • Must have the exact same item, product size, color /finish, material used. Source must be named for validation.
  • The competitor must be selling several items similar to our items, and not merely disposing of his personal stuff or selling on a one-time basis only.
  • This guarantee is for new and unused product only. We cannot price match, even if it is not used and stock for some period of time by a private seller.
  • The competitor must have the exact item on hand and readily available. We cannot match prices of items that are being sold on pre-order offer.
  • The product’s price must not be lower due to a special sale price. Price match promo does not cover auction sites, closeouts, clearance sales and pricing error.
  • The competitor must offer the same warranty as we offer or better.
  • If the competitor charges shipping separately, the shipping cost must be factored in the price match.
  • The competitor must be a seller based in the Philippines ONLY. We cannot price match online sellers based outside the country, as their prices do not include shipping, importation costs, duties, and price should be in Philippine Peso.
  • We reserve the right to decline the price match promo if any of the following criteria is not met.