Contemporary Chandeliers for High Ceiling Spaces

Homes with high ceiling spaces are popular in the Tropics. Double volume spaces, whether in the foyer, living room, or bedroom, helps improve the air circulation inside the house. It makes the room airy despite the hot climate.
High ceilings also make the room feel more spacious. It also fills the space with more natural light. Abundance of natural light makes the room look more grand. Just like the other spaces in a house, the ceiling can be the ideal area for a decorative fixture like a chandelier. Apart from providing better lighting in the area, chandeliers make a room more stylish and luxurious.
But how do you choose a chandelier that will suit your home’s style? Shadows & Patterns got you covered! There are a lot of options to choose from but we have narrowed it down to four.

1. Unique Lighting that Mimics Organic Elements 

Opt for a chandelier that features organic and fluid form like Folia and Clarissa. These pieces take inspiration from leaves in a branch and ocean waves. Even with their humongous size, these chandeliers are not over imposing. In fact, they still look light! 


Rivelli & Eloisa Chandelier

2. Modernity Meets Minimalism

If you want to go minimalist, Rivelli and Eloisa are the perfect choice. The clean lines and geometric shapes make these chandeliers very contemporary, fit for a modern minimalist interior. These oversized fixtures will fill any volume as you can add more rings depending on the space. 


Desiree & Palle Chandelier

3. Ceramics and Glass, Why Not?

Gone are the days when chandeliers were just made of dangling crystals. These are now replaced with modern looking glass or ceramic orbs that are illuminated individually like the Desiree and Palle chandeliers. The drops can be multiplied and arranged in a cluster—creating a floating effect. The combinations that you can do with this type of chandeliers are endless. You can have them in spiral, inverted pyramid, or even random forms to achieve the look that you want. 


Chiara & Civello Chandelier

4. Go for Architectural Lighting

 Architectural chandeliers like Chiara and Civello are one of the lighting trends that emerged this year. These stunning modern and sculptural pieces are both chic and contemporary while serving their function as practical sources of light in high ceiling spaces. These chandeliers will definitely be the talk of the town as it charms your guests.


Choose the Right Chandelier

What will look good in your high ceiling space? Take note of these factors in selecting the chandelier that will not just suit your style, but will also improve the ambiance of the room.


  • SizeProportion is a must. Measure the room’s length, width and height to get the right size of the chandelier.


  • Light Output - Consider the direction of the chandelier’s light output to avoid glaring or harsh lighting.


  • Brightness Control - The brightness or dimness of the chandelier sets the room’s ambiance.


  • Maintainability - Since the chandelier will be installed in a high ceiling, you may want something that is easy to maintain. Consider if tasks like changing the bulbs when it gets busted or dusting will not be too difficult.


Style Up Your Home with Chandeliers

Our charming chandeliers will never fail to wow your guests as they enter your foyer or as they go up your staircase. Make the room more cozy and warm by adding a chandelier in your living space.


Find the perfect piece that suits your space when you browse through our contemporary chandeliers collection. You may also visit our showroom and check our contemporary chandeliers. We can guide you in choosing a piece that suits your space and style.