How to Style a Coffee Table

Living room is where most of the activities in your house happen. This is where you lounge with your family and entertain your guests. You want it to be more stylish. You probably want to add some home décor here and there. There are a lot of ways to do this. Finding the style that suits your taste and choosing which area to upgrade can be overwhelming.

The coffee table is a good place to start to level up your living room. Whether you are opting for a minimalistic, contemporary, or any other theme, you need a tip or two in choosing and placing the perfect pieces that’ll make the center of your room, well, the center of attraction. 

In decorating your coffee table, knowing where the pieces should be placed is as important as choosing the right Items. Here are some helpful tips to jazz up your coffee table.


Organize the Elements

Decorative pieces, no matter how fab they are, may look unattractive and disorganized if they’re placed haphazardly. Follow these rules in organizing the pieces on your coffee table. 


Coffee Table Decor 1

Cyril Coffee Table | Black Gold Vase | Grey Leather Tray | Gold Hexagonal Décor | Clear Acrylic Box | Gold Ceramic Bowl

Form a Grid

Creating sections in a form of a grid will help compartmentalize the items in your coffee table. You may opt to organize the pieces depending on their style or material.


Create Vignettes

Use your coffee table to show off your collections such as boxes, books, and accessories. Decorative pieces that reflect your style and personality will be a great addition to your coffee table.


Use a Tray

You may also use a tray to sort the items in your coffee table. This will help separate your collection from statement pieces without looking cluttered.

 Coffee Table Decor 2

Fleur Coffee Table | Grace Side Table |  Gold Ceramic Decor |  White Ceramic Vase |  Human Body Décor | Hedgehog Ball Decor

Add Some Variety

Each piece in your coffee table deserves the limelight. Nothing will stand out if all items are on the same eye level. Add variation in terms of heights, scale textures, and materials to make your decorative items more attractive.


Balance the Sizes

Make your collection more interesting by having the right balance of big and small elements in your coffee table. You may also add some small, slim, and long items to achieve the balance. 


Look at Every Angle

When choosing the right décor for your coffee table, look at each item from every angle. Will it look good on all sides? Is there a spot where the item looks cluttered? Items like frames which look good only on its front side are not suited for a coffee table. They will be better placed on a bookshelf or console table.


Choose the Perfect Pieces

Don’t limit yourself to items that are just good for display. Decorative pieces can also be functional and entertaining. Here are some points to consider to help you style your coffee table. 

 Coffee Table Decor 3

Uriah Coffee & Side Table |  Decorative Perfume Bottle |  Glass Vase |  Tic Tac Toe White

Go Interactive

Add home décor pieces that can entertain your guests or start a conversation. Examples of these are tic tac toe or chess sets. 


Tickle the Senses

Scented candles, whether oversized or those with a unique shape, add to the aesthetic of your coffee table. It also gives off a pleasant smell that affects moods. You may also add a scent diffuser or table lamp to set a more relaxing vibe in your living space. 


Bring Out the Coffee Table Books

Decorative books never fail to entertain. They aren’t also difficult to style when placed on a coffee table. You may put them on the table or in a tray to make them look more appealing. 

 Coffee Table Decor 4

Cedric Coffee Table |  Armond Table Lamp |  Glass Ball |  Multichip Vase

Add Some Greenery

 Adding some lush foliage in your coffee table brings freshness and warmth in your living space. Whether it’s leafy, flower-bearing, a full flower arrangement or a cute and tiny succulent, plants give off fresh energy. 


Opt for Simplicity

 When in doubt or if you are eyeing for a minimalist look, keep it simple. You just need a small vase and some flowers to add a splash of color in your space. Decorative pieces don't have to be grand to keep an area from being too stark. 


Coffee tables play a vital role in the overall aesthetic of your living room. Adding decorative pieces and making sure that they are placed correctly elevates the style of your coffee table and your space. 


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