Design Trade Program

Our Designer Trade Program was developed by designers for designers. Our priority is to make the purchasing process easier so that you can focus on more important stuff. Our dedicated team is available to help you through the buying process and assist with any custom purchases, invoices, mock-up, installation and many more.


Here is how you will benefit from the program

DTP Status


Terms & Conditions

 1. DTP status will be determined by the total accumulated spend within a 6-month cycle.

2. DTP status will reset twice in a calendar year:
     1st Cycle: January 1 (counting orders from July 1 to December 31)
     2nd Cycle: July 1 (counting orders from January 1 to June 30)
3. DTP status will be upgraded automatically once you reach the total accumulated spend.
4. DTP status can be maintained until the end of the next cycle. If by the end of the next cycle you do not reach the required total purchase amount, DTP status will be automatically downgraded. 
5. Only completed orders where the full payment has been received and items have been delivered will be included in determining the total accumulated spend. Canceled and returned orders will not be included. 
6. Discounts & Rebates are only applicable to regular-priced items. Sale items are not included.
7. Rebate will be given within 30 days after delivery of the items through bank transfer/deposit.
8. Free Delivery, Installation & Return/Exchange must be in accordance with the company's policy.
9. We reserve the right to refuse DTP status qualification to members suspected to have invalid or fraudulent account.
10. We reserve the right to vary these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

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